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- (Posted 24:27 Central Time - 02/24/05) A special SOS is being sent out to the internet from Triangle Service located here. This is the small Japanese game company in the finishing stages of what could be the last DC game ever developed, a port of the arcade game TRIZEAL. You see TRIZEAL didn't do so well in the Japnese arcades and Triangle Service themselves are in a bit of a financial slump but yo, they decided TO GO FOR BROKE and SLIDE STRAIGHT INTO DEBT TO FINISH THE GAME. Damn! Ain't that loyalty? Dosen't that make your heart ache!?! So do your part, dust off your DC and import this baby from LIK-SANG or one of your favourite Japanese videogame import sites. Help these guys out so they can start working on more DC games! I hate bad news... *sniff* :(

- (Posted 15:31 Central Time - 02/14/05) Happy Valentines Day to all you crazy folk out there! Added to our Cool Stuff section is a link to Sega of America's DC site which is surprisingly still up.

- (Posted 14:32 Central Time - 02/09/05) T's and K's List is up and is accessible on the Main and Jibber-Jabba pages. Whew!

- (posted 13:11 Central Time - 02/09/05) So woohoo! The site has been redesigned into something friggin' pleasent to the eyes. It only took me a couple of years but it's finaly done. A new page will debut soon, T's list of games he's gotta play when he gets back from Japan next year. I'll probably require the list as well since I haven't touched anything new since MGS3.

- (Posted 10:27 Central Time - 02/08/05) I'm just trying to keep up with all the TV plug & play units... A 3rd Sega Genesis unit will be released soon. This will include 2 controlers with the Capcom classics Street Fighter II: Special Champions Edition and *drum roll* the arcade port Ghouls and Ghosts that was done by Yuji Naka himself! Very sweet!

- (Posted 17:12 Central Time - 02/01/05) Holy Shit! I went to Toy's R' Us today to check their crap out and damn! Radical Games released a Sega Genesis Volume II! Yep, the sequel to the awsome 1st Arcade Legends plug in TV and play unit is out. Games included in this release are -

Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle


Ecco The Dolphin

Gain Control

The Ooze

(drum roll...)


- Once again... Holy Shit! Expect a review soon!

- (Posted 16:00 Central Time - 01/30/05) Well this News Flash page hasn't been updated in a millinium so I figured what the hell, let's update. Tyler and I's BLOG is located here - STUFFS BLOG. Tyler is living in the far East, Japan that is. Thus, Stuffs will live on in BLOG form.

- Sony's PSP is going to launch in North America in March, so we'll see how that goes. in just a little over 3 months, E3 2005 will arrive and maybe I'll jazz the site up with some news and views.

- After a 3 month shut down, PlanetWeb Dreamcast is back online. So all of you crazy dudes with DC's undust them, fire them up and head over to PlanetWeb Tools and build a webpage or somethin'.

- (Posted 10:56 Central Time - 07/03/04) Announced a few days ago, Nintendo has dropped the price of their GBA SPs around 20 bucks. That's right. At stores such as SuperStore, one can obtain a brand spankin' new GBA SP for $97.99 before tax. This is a great move by the company. Offering an INTRO portable system for the casual gamer at a reasonable price, get'em hooked and then dangle that kick ass DS infront of their faces which by the way does play GBA games as well... *wink-wink* *nudge-nudge*

- (posted 23:31 Central Time - 08/30/04) So The DC's birthday is just around the corner... What are you gonna do for it? Well, what are you goin' to do punks?!? September 9th, 2004 will be the system's 5th birthday. Very exciting. The console continues to have a huge following thanks to sites such as Online Consoles, DC Emulation and Lik-Sang. Look for new game releases from Japan and cool homebrews and emulators to hit the DC for a long, long time. Happy early birthday DC!

- (Posted 15:57 Central Time - 08/28/04) Shame on you Nintendo. I love you but now is the time for some hard love. You stopped production of GameCubes that feature the Digital A/V Output providing a sharper, higher-res for Progressive Scan titles. Boo. Of course the only way to enjoy this is an HD TV or any other outlet plus the "mysterious" component cable. Nintendo claims that only 1 percent of Cube users actualy tapped into this now deleted feature. Okay, fair enough. So why not sell your cable in stores for everyone to purchase as opposed to calling HQ to order via mail then maybe you wouldn't have a 1 percent usage rate? Hmmm? Oh well, I guess Nintendo isn't for serious high-end audio/video users. If you gotta Cube with Progressive Scan, consider yourself very lucky. Bad Nintendo... Bad.

- (Posted 19:33 Central Time - 06/13/04) Looks like the latest version of PSO will hit North America later in the year. Sonic Team sites such as the beloved TSSZ have reported that "PSO Episodes I & II PLUS" will indeed hit the console in the west. More proof can be found at Nintendo of America's homepage which does indicate the title will hit in 3rd quarter 2004. PLUS will include all of the downloadable online content for offline users such as GBA mini-games and new missions plus various other goodies and game tweeks. Updated security features will also be included for the title. PLUS was released ages ago in Japan and Sega couldn't keep up with the demand. Browsing PSO message boards across the net, I've found a hell of alot people hungrily awaiting this latest version and praying it would hit NA. Looks like it might happen.

- (Posted 09:17 Central Time - 06/05/04) Happy "Post" Birthday to Sonic The Hedgehog (june 23rd)! Looks like the Sammy and Sega merger is complete and with that all of Sega's game divisions such as AM2, Hitmaker, ect. will go under the same roof. Sonic Team will still operate under Sega and retain their namesake. Look for Sonic Team's PS2 Astro-Boy to hit game stores on August 19th, 2004. As for Sonic, Sonic Advance 3 hit stores on May 25th, 2004 one day after my birthday to great reviews. The first volume of GBA video for Sonic X was released in Canada on March 25th, 2004. In a few days the first 2 volumes of the Sonic X DVD will hit the shelves on July 6th. It's a busy time for the hedgehog indeed but one has to wonder, what is going to be the next big Sonic title? Another Adventure or Heroes title? Maybe a new series? Only time will tell.

- (Posted 00:19 Central Time - 06/04/04) True Fantasy Live Online has been CANNED! LEVEL 5 has stopped work on the project due to the increasing poor X-Box reception in Japan. The one game that would have brought legions of new Japanese X-Box users has been cancelled. We've known for weeks that Fable's online element has been scratched out. This is not a good day for X-Box Live. 2 huge RPG online projects in a row TOASTED! Tyler and I both have a year of X-Box Live to go and TFLO was one of the titles we were hungry for. Oh well, atleast I have my Tom Clancy games which kick ass on LIVE. On a Clancy related note, John Woo is going to helm the feature film Rainbow Six which has been kicking around the Paramount Studio lot for ages. It's about damned time we've got our R6 movie!

- (Posted 12:57 Central Time - 05/08/04) I love Tron. I love Tron 2.0. I can watch Tron on my big phat TV and get transported into a world of neon glow. With Tron 2.0 I have to sit infront of my computer and play it. I just don't like playing computer games, sittin' there trying to enjoy a game on a desk with a tiny monitor surrounded by books and office shit. Not anymore when Disney announced Tron 2.0 for the X-Box. The Gods had answered my prayers. Tonight I just found out the game will be headed on the go for the GBA. Developed by Digital Eclipse, the brilliant developers of Dragon's Lair for the GBC and other wonderful titles. The title will be a 3rd quarter view adventure but more importantly it will include for the first time ever official emulated versions of the Midway Tron arcade games. TRON and DISCS OF TRON in your pants... life can't get any better.

- (Posted 19:33 Central Time - 05/07/04) E3 is just around the corner. Nintendo's DS has made developers hot and bothered will be shown. Sony's PSP has developers confused and pisssed off will also appear. The usual Halo 2 and Half-Life 2 pump ups will also be there. Nintendo will kick ass with Metroid Prime 2 and Pikmin 2. Just a quick comment. How goddamn under powered is the PS2 exactly? I just got the latest demo disc and it had Rainbow 6 on it. I was excited and threw it in the PS2 to check it out... Oh my God... It looks very nice with all the things that the PS2 friggin' hates like texturing and lighting, making the game run at an astonishing 30fps but it even looks worse than that. It must be running at 25fps. Come on Sony give me a friggin' break. The much better Cube version will be released this summer alongside with a GBA version as well. kick ass!

- (Posted 14:33 Central Time - 04/27/04) So a brother went to the mall to check DVDs out today. He also checked out the videogame section as well and lone behold, this is a shocker... Sonic Team's Sonic Mega Collection is now part of Nintendo's Player's Choice Line. Very cool indeed. So now all of you can pick up Sonic greatest Genesis games for under 30 bucks. Awsome!

- (Posted 03:32 Central Time - 04/23/04) Now who isn't a Pac-Man fan? Possibly the most beloved videogame character of all time sure has made himself a household name once again. You got your TV Games units, portable Radio Shack games, Namco Museums for every console imaginable (hell even the DC got one...) and of course the solid Pac-Man World series. One of the projects featuring our little yellow hero was announced over 2 years ago, a GBA port of the 1st Pac-Man World title. I was excited about the announcment but within six months it disappeared, even off of Namco's official website. Looking at the recent Nintendo Power mag I discovered the game has been ressurected and is headed for a 3rd quarter 2004 release. Kick ass! Looks like Namco started the port then shut it down possibly due to them not being able to tap the hell out of the handheld for such a feat. Today is a different story however from impressive 3D game engines to video being exploited on the system. Also, look for Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness to hit the GBA around the same time. Awsome!

- (Posted 00:36 Central Time - 04/14/04) Oh isn't this just great fuckin' news. Silicon Knights, 2nd party Nintendo developer has decided to break apart from Nintendo and work on other consoles. WTF?!? This Canadian based software developer is responsible for two of the Cube's finest games, Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid:TTS. I was bitchin' about the loss but the brothers at NINTENDORKS put it in perspective. I don't think it's that great of a loss.

- (Posted 01:33 Central Time - 03/27/04) The news is spreading like wildfire across the net. Nintendo is going to release an NES style GBA alongside classic titles on June 7th to celebrate the NES's 20th anniversary. I've indicated on the banner the release of it as June 9th since that's the day all the goodies will hit us in Canada. Sweet! NES titles to be re-released on your GBA include Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda and Pac-Man in perfect emulated form and no "remake for GBA bullshit". Awsome! Let the tears flow...

- (Posted 21:10 Central Time - 03/25/04) Just downloaded and playin' the Splinter Cell 2 PC Demo. All I can say is... WOW! UbiSoft Montreal kicks ass! I just love it when a Canadian software development studio handles a huge part of the Tom Clancy franchise alongside Red Storm and they pump out triple-A titles. Horray Canada! Download the demo now! I'm surprised this month's official X-Box mag didn't have a demo for it... That sucks...

- (Posted 16:16 Central Time - 03/16/04) Here's a quick look at some of Sonic Team's upcoming goodies. Sonic Advance 3 will hit the streets on May 25th, one day after my birthday ;) Astro Boy will hit later on in the year. Early demos of the game indicate that it has a Nights Into Dreams feeling... Hell yeah! Also this summer look for Sonic X episodes to hit the GBA in cartridge format courtesy of Majesco and 4Kids. Look for the TMNT and SpongeBob SquarePants episodes on cart as well. Sweet!

- (Posted 15:03 Central Time - 03/16/04) Like many of us I scratched my head like a chimp in confusion when Nintendo announced their new portable the DS. Yep, Let's focus on some more award winning hardware like the Virtual Boy... That's what I thought. However today around the boards, rumours are a floatin' that Nintendo has a fully running version of Mario 64 onboard as a demo to show developers the system's 3D capabilities... Yes there is a God!!!! To quote my girlfriend, "that's fucking awsome"!!!!

- (Posted 16:16 Central Time - 02/28/04) Canadian Pokemon fans rejoice! A week from now on Saturday, March 6th 2004 at 2pm central time the new POKEMON ADVANCE cartoon series finaly airs on YTV with the first episode 275 - Get The Show On The Road. Now we can finaly check out what the WB has been playin' the last few months.

- (Posted 18:31 Central Time - 02/20/04) So only a few weeks left until Metal Gear Solid:TTS explodes onto the GC. Developed in Canada by Silicon Knights, cinematics directed by Ryohei Kitamura, produced by Konami of Japan, hardware and software support by one Miyamoto-san all under the watchful eyes of one Hideo Kojima-san. Shit! That's alot of dudes on one project but then again this isn't just "any" project. This is going to be the greatest game ever made! Word! I can see Tyler rolling his eyes now...

- (Posted 01:32 Central Time - 02/05/04) Started new job. Workin' graveyard shifts. No time to update. Tyler is busy big time as well. Been playin' Metroid Prime and Sonic Heroes and hope to review them soon. Of course the big news is MGS:TTS coming out March 11th in stores! Which happens to be the same day of my cousin Darren's birthday. Sweet! And he's a hardcore Snake fan like me. See what happens when you buy a Cube, Kojima releases a Snake game on your birthday... Darren you lucky fool that's like the best present ever! Enjoy!

- (Posted 13:15 Central Time - 01/21/04) I'm Back Online With A Vengance! We're packin' and strapin' with a sweet new system and to celebrate baby... We got a special present for you! The European SONIC HEROES (0.8mb - 30 sec) television commercial (Special Hint - You like The A-Team?!? Hell Ya!)! Guess what? It's DC viewable as well! You'll need the special XDP Standalone Web Browser. Once you've got that sucka burnt, head online using the "XDP EXPANDED USER AGENT" browser to view the commercial. Head over to the DC section at ONLINECONSOLES.COM for more details on the newly released browser. Special thanks and big phat props to the Psilocybin team for providing DC users with an up-to-date browser for surfing!

- (Posted 10:46 Central Time - 01/14/04) Sweet Baby Jesus! So a guy buys the TRON 2.0 and gets a new video card and memory for a guy's PC. Then everything falls into place and then "WALA"! Time for a new PC after TRON decided to chuck a disc into the MCP. Fuck... Stuffs will be slowly updated now thanks to my journey for a new PC. END OF LINE. P.S. I'm still pretty fruckin' excited about finaly getting to play TRON 2.0! Ya baby!

- (Posted 15:38 Central Time - 01/08/04) Sweet Baby Jesus! So a brother was searching all over this tiny city for a couple of games and lone behold... It always seems the final place on your destination is were you have sucess. Crap! A bloody hour and a half, driving my old lady crazy... In my posession is Sonic Heroes for GC and Sonic Battle for GBA. I just learnt to always goto SuperStore for my shit. Crap! Same situation with the Mario Kart Bonus Disc bullshit. Anyway expect reviews in the future. *psst!* Both games kick ass...

- (Posted 01:11 Central Time - 12/23/03) ELSPA and conducted a poll which revealed Sonic The Hedgehog as the most popular game over the past 30 years. Wow! Beating Mario, Zelda, Pac-Man, GTA, ect. Interesting. Check out ELSPA for details.

- (Posted 15:27 Central Time - 12/21/03) Sonic Team sure is going to bust open the New Year big time. First week in January, Sonic Heroes will be released in North America for the GC with the other console versions followed shortly. Sonic Battle for the GBA launches the same week as Heroes. Puyo Pop Fever slams onto all consoles including the DC in Japan end of January. Finaly, Phantasy Star Online III: C.A.R.D. Revolution will hit these shores in February. Wow! I'll finish off with a quote from Tyler as we dsicussed about potential "Games of The Year" for the consoles. "Ya Kelley, I already know what your picks for game of the year are. GameCube - Sonic Heroes. X-Box - Sonic Heroes. PS2 - Sonic Heroes." Hmmm... maybe he's onto something... ;)

- (Posted 20:24 Central Time - 12/20/03) Well the saga ends and it will forever remain in people's hearts. Peter Jackson's The Return of The King is a fuckin' epic. Okay. You wanna know what a fuckin' epic is? Then watch any of the LOTR flicks... especialy the final chapter. Holy shit! Is it me or is the rest of Hollywood pretty goddamn lazy. I mean fuck, I haven't seen such a passionate, "bust-my-balls-and-give-it-all" attitude to Hollywood filmmaking in ages. I don't need to give names of other big franchises out there that keep promising the big shit. Let me say this, the LOTR films have already gone down in history for what Jackson is not afraid to do... Work fuckin' hard! Hey, those Hollywood guys make a hell of alot of money. Might as well work fuckin' hard to earn it and this series shows it. No one on this production was afraid to make dreams come true on the big screen, goddamn what an emotional heartwarming, epic, exciting finale. Damn you lazy bastards in Hollywood! I slept through The Last Samuari. Yawn... Yep that sure was a big emotional, epic film there... yep... Filled with just alot of great dramatic moments... Yeah... fuck... Thanks Peter Jackson. Thank you for the beautiful memories. For we are all torn in joyous emotion, the ring of power is destroyed and we're so sad that the story has ended. Onward travelers of far, for The Grey Havens we journey. Towards simple peace.

- (Posted 17:18 Central Time - 12/03/03) In case you haven't noticed around here recently, but I've gone a bit pro-Nintendo on all your asses. It's Christmas time and for family fare there is no company out there that is producing entertainment for the whole family to enjoy but the Big N. Now the company is reaping in the benefits now. Since the price drop of the GC on Sept. 25, Nintendo has dominated videogames sales not only in Canada but in the U.S.A. as well. Two weeks ago, Nintendo of Canada announced that it kicked Sony's ass out of the #1 spot for the first time in years. Today, Nintendo of America announced that the GC just jumped from the #3 spot to #1 in console sales. Oh ya, our beloved neighbours South of us also enjoyed a many Nintendo gaming delight during Thanksgiving week when 600,000 GBA systems sold. Again, I'll mention it. 600,000 GBA units sold in 1 week. Holy shit!

- (Posted 10:27 Central Time - 12/03/03) Yo! Yo! Yo! Christmas is almost around the corner and the shopping insanity begins. The malls are alive with the sound of parents lost at the tills of videogame stores. You know, since the vast majority of parents (I'm estimating 75% on an average scale) don't realy give a shit about what there kids are playin' these days I'm sure a hell of alot of kids are going to get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grandma is gettin' them a real shitty Acclaim game. Nice to bump into a couple who asked my opinion about what to get the kids for Christmas. They wisely got the kids a GC. Good start. Now which game for Christmas they asked, MARIO PARTY 5 or MARIO KART: DOUBLE DASH? Clearly I told them, get the DOUBLE DASH cause that's what Christmas is all about.

- (Posted 11:26 Central Time - 11/26/03) Sweet Baby Jesus! I fixed my damned Playstation 2! Stop the fuckin' press!!!! So a brother was anxious to play some Virtual Fighter 4 and solve some Christmas shopping woes, so I decided to bust open that Sony piece of shit and clean the laser lens. So a brother does that and BAM! like a zombie from a Romero movie, the blasted machine rose from the grave. Am I happy, yes since I can finaly play my favourite fightin' game - Virtual Fighter 4. Damn that game is a masterpiece. Oh yeah, Sonic Heroes arrives in Japanese stores December 30th, 2003 and a week later on our shores (that's North America). So, I don't have a damned problem having it compete in my "game of the year" decision. Yeah, now that's Booty Juice to ya!

- (Posted 01:06 Central Time - 11/25/03) Got back from The Matrix Revolutions (which kicks ass big time!) and lone behold during all those stupid car commercials and shampoo ads before the show, Nintendo has their Super Mario Bros. 3 60 second commercial spot featuring release dates of their up and coming products. Nice. If you haven't seen the "Who Are You" SMB3 commercial spot head over to and check it out along with their new sexy updated site. Nintendo... you rule.

- (Posted 20:41 Central Time - 11/24/03) November 19th was like Christmas. Not only did I get a bitchin' demo disc but I got two games that sure as hell are game of the year contenders. Well shit, let's just name one of them a winner now. As you can see from the banner above, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is the "hands down" GBA game of the year. Yes I played Final Fantasy Tactics, not even that awsome title couldn't match the pure fun and joy of the Nintendo product. On the console side, Mario Kart: Double Dash is a strong contender for the GC game of the year. We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully late January-early February, Tyler and I will have our picks up. Hmmmm... You know Sonic Heros comes out on January 6th, 2004... That's a close enough entry for the finals as well. Only time will tell...

- (Posted 11:40 Central Time - 11/20/03) So a brother registered a bunch of shit at and guess what? A brother got a special e-mail about a special GC disc. That's right lone behold... Nintendo is deliviering Christmas presents. The Zelda Compilation disc is in the mail, headed my way in about 2 weeks! Thanks for the Christmas present Nintendo! It pays to play or play to pay... Whatever... If your a Nintendo freak and haven't taken advantage of this deal then your just... Well a bug dummy. Hmmm... Zelda disc with... The NES "The Legend of Zelda" and "The Adventures of Link". What else is on this disc... Hmmm... The N64 games "The Legend of Zelda: Orcarnia of Time" and "Major'a Mask". It's begining to look alot like Christmas...

- (Posted 12:04 Central Time - 11/19/03) I GOT THE SONIC HEROES DEMO FOR THE GC! Fuck ya! This is it. Finaly the 3D Sonic epic we've been waitin' for! Will the greatest action/platform series reclaim the thrown? All signs point to "Hell Yeah!" after playin' this baby! Man I love how with every single new SONIC title from SONIC TEAM comin' out, they keep adding more and more new elements to the package makin' it a totaly new experience! Bravo SONIC TEAM and I can't wait for the final product in 2 long fuckin' months! NOTE: If you want the DEMO DISC you are going to have to purchase the real kick ass MARIO KART: DOUBLE DASH. When doing so, make sure the packaging outside indicates "SPECIAL EDITION - INCLUDES BONUS DISC". It isn't hard to miss since the gold indication takes up a fouth of the front cover. SONIC HEROES! Wait for more shit on the subject comin' soon. Gotta go back and play a hell of a lot of DEMOS and of course can't forget about that bitchin' MARIO KART: DOUBLE DASH!!!! ;)

- Big phat props goes to LORDNIKON of for huntin' down a copy of the DC's GameShark Massive Memory Card Plus software for connecton between the VMU and PC. Now after a year collectin' dust, the ole'VMU is back in action. Thanks alot bro!

- Wanna play some Mario Kart Double Dash online? Head over to WARP PIPE. Cool isn't it? Hmmm... They're still online. Maybe Nintendo sees these guys as allies. Only time will tell.