Tyler's E3 2004 Thoughts

May 26, 2004

I waited off for a week to see what still stuck in my head as important.

First things first: Nintendo kicked all asses at this E3. I thought their previous E3 was their worst ever, but this one was a fine return to form. Just so many big games and big announcements. Zelda wowed everyone and will be a hell of a system seller, much like Halo 2.

Microsoft bsically showed all of last year's games again this year. I'm still looking forward to them, but MS really didn't show off anything NEW. EA finally jumped on board, which is great news. Now I have no reason whatsoever to replace my broken PS2.

Wait. Sony Announced the sequel to Mark of Kri. And that's the only announcement of theirs that made me excited in any way. Seriously, it seems like Sony just doesn't give a shit. Their press conference was by far the dullest. They just seem to cocky. They have every reason to be, I know, but they don't have to gloat so much. Ass hats. I mean, look at the way they unveiled the PSP then compare that to how Nintendo handled the DS. The PSP seemed like an afterthought to Sony. "Oh yeah, here's the PSP."

Nintendo was much more vocal and demonstrative about the DS. Consequently, I'm much more excited by the DS. I might die if they announce a sequel to Mario Paint for that thing. At the very least, I'd plotz.

I so hope that the DS trounces the PSP. The DS is so much more innnovative. You can go on the web with it fer fucksakes! Its wireless capabilities stomp the PSP's. The touch screen intrigues me to no end. And the mic. What does the PSP have? It can play movies and music. Yeah, but the catch is you have to buy brand new copies of the movies or music. The PSP doesn't play CD's or DVD's. It plays UMD's. And since it's disc based, the battery life is going to be worse. And what about skipping? What about game saves? Will you need a memory card for the PSP? To be fair, the screen on the PSP looks magnificent. Better than either of the DS screens. But how easily will it get messed up/scratched?

The other thing that really stood out to me at least was how not big a reaction MGS3 got. The last 2 games had people voting it game of the show based only on the videos Konami played during E3. I've heard no one rave about Snake Eater. Which probably means it will end up being my favourite installment.

Well, since I'm talking about games, I might as well run down a partial list of the games shown that caught my attention.

The Legend of Zelda - god damned gorgeous. Take all the Goodness of Zelda and throw in some Lord of the Rings. I cannot freaking wait.

Metroid Prime 2 - also a stunner. Interested in seeing how the multiplayer works.

Paper Mario 2 - never got to play the N64 version. But I loved Superstar Saga.

The DS - I'm buying one in Japan. Since it's cart based I imagine it's region free. Kick ass!!

Halo 2 - my brother will destroy me in this game. And I will like it.

Fable - just come out all ready!!!

Where was True Fantasy Live Online? Curious. Worrisome even.


Mark of Kri 2 - online co-op? Fuck. I'm seriously thinking about getting a PS2 and getting it online just for this game. Dammit.

And too many other games to mention. This was a fantastic E3 and next year might be even better. New hardware from the big three next year. Can't wait.

- Tyler