T's and K's List

Here we go! A list of games that Tyler must play when he returns back to Canada next year. Included are titles I have yet to touch so it's a bit of a reminder for both of us. This page will be edited from time to time. Listed are lesser known titles, the ones that won't have the glowing hype of HALO 2 or RE4. However if ICO and The Mark of Kri have proven, the lesser shiny jewel maybe the one you carry for a lifetime.

Advent Rising - Commercials of this sucka are making it look like an epic Halo adventure. I hope they're accurate.

The Bard's Tale - Got some decent reviews. It's supposed to be pretty damn funny.

Chaos Field - A new release for the DC in Japan. Must import 2-D shooter excitment!

Flatout - Smashin' the crap out of cars to make your way to the finish line. And what the hell is Tyler sayin'? It has ragdoll physics for the drivers? This is totaly diabetic comma sweet!

HomeLand - Chunsoft's mysterious GameCube online title. Looks sweet... but will North America get it? Nice too have something to go online with besides Sonic Team's Phantasy Star titles.

Katamari Damacy - Hell yeah! Budget title bliss! Go get this one beyatch!

Mercenaries - Great previews and reviews. Would you believe this is a LucasArts title?

Oddworld: Strangler's Wrath - Looks beautiful!

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors - Supposed to be better than the first which means it will kick your ass!

The Punisher - Unknown? Hmmm hope it's good. It's been gettin' some decent reviews.

Rise of the Kasai - Translation: The Mark of Kri 2... Need we say anymore? Yet poor reviews... *sniff*

Sega Superstars/EyeToy - Must get! Wait a minute... I gots it and it rocks! T must play!

- Kelley