Hollywood Hogan Vows To Help E.T. Get Home! E.T. Review Follows!

"I'm just trying to help, Brother!"

March 27, 2002 - Press Conference - Hollywood, California

A "match" made in heaven or "in Hollywood" as Hogan would say. Celebrating Hollywood Hulk Hogan's triumphant return to the mecha "sports entertainment" empire the W.W.F. and E.T.'s 20th Anniversary, the former W.W.F. champion vows to help the little cudly alien get home.

"I'm just trying to help, Brother!", Hogan stated at the press conference. "There are times when you're down... down in that dark hole. 6 feet under and you need help!"

Hogan referred to last year's W.C.W. falldown and take over by Vince McMahon, owner of the W.W.F. It was during that time Hogan and many other talented wrestlers were unemployed. Spirits were low.

"Ouch!", E.T. sympathised with his "hulking" friend.

Hogan smiled, "That's right brother."

Things seemed to get worse. Hogan's return to network television as a "heavy" for the W.W.F. had people feeling uncertain towards the wrestling icon. It was during Wrestlemania 18 that all turned around.

"It was unbelievable, the responce! I thought "The Rock" was going to be cheered but when I stepped out into that ring and all my Hulkamaniacs responded with great enthusiasm, I knew that Hollywood Hogan had returned.", Hogan commented.

The record attendence of over 68,000 fans cheered for Hogan's triumphant return to Toronto and booed "The Rock".

Hogan stated, "Like what all you out there did for me, all you Hulkamaniacs... I want to help E.T. get home! Brother!"

E.T. smiled towards his new buddy, "Friend! E.T. go home!".

"Thanks Hollywood Hogan and you have all of our support!", Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise stated in a teleconference call from the set of the "Minority Report".

- Kelley

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 20th Aniiversary Review

"Yo! I'm Home, Bro!"

Well he's back home again! On Friday March 22nd 2002, E.T. smashes like a drunk in a liquour store back in theatres for his 20th anniversary. So rush out there and experience the warm and glow that is E.T.

For the uneducated on the topic of E.T. (heh, okay...), It's the sequel to Spielberg's classic 1977 U.F.O. epic Close Encounter of The Third Kind. Close Encounters delt with a crazy ass Richard Dreyfuss's journey to get to the stars, while he drinks beers and builds a friggin' mountain in his living room... COOL! E.T. is about a little alien who is stranded on Earth, while he drinks alot of beers and builds a high-tech, space-age communiction device out of forks and foil in his living room... COOL!

So what's changed? Well you've probably heard from atleast 50 other sites the changes and such so I won't even touch that with an Atari 2600 joystick connected to that bitchin' ugly woodgrain box (yes, they did not remove that from the movie and slapped a Dreamcast in its place. I repeat they did not do this, hmm would've been cool though). Man that 2600 was an ugly system! It sure was fun with Asteroids, Space Invaders and Ms. Pac-Man! Can't forget those Activision classics either! Ghostbusters, Pitfall I & II, Space Shuttle...

Damn, I'm off topic... Anyway E.T. is a great flick and has aged nicely. The ultimate suburban fairytale epic remains a classic. The new effects are nice and don't distract from the experience. John Williams score rocks!

I don't wanna say too much cause we've all seen it and if you have kids who haven't then take them to the friggin' theatre to enjoy it and not on bloody videotape!


- Kelley

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