Kelley's Best Games of the Year List (2001)

Well here it is "Mankilla's" favortite games of the year list. I was so inspired by Tyler that I also did not place them in a ranking system. Just games I always ran back to and continued to have a blast with. Enjoy!

Alien Front Online

War of The Worlds for the new millenium. Once again, Sega did it first with live internet chat during online videogame battle. It adds even more to the destructive level as you slam your opponents! Nothing can compare to the smackdown you lay as you taunt your enemies and blast'em away and hell! Taunt the poor bastards some more! A fun title and an online multiplayer death match dream! Must shoot aliens!!!!

Dragonís Lair

What the hell? This wasnít released this year? Itís been available for years? Thatís where youíre wrong. Released in January 2001 for the Gameboy Colour, this amazing conversion handled by Digital Eclipse (responsible for Ghost & Goblins and Joust/Defender also for the GBC). Nearly every single scene and moment(only a few trims here and there) from the arcade classic is crammed into a tiny cartridge. No one every dreamed that they could play DL on the go. Now you can and Iíve found this title to be one that I always returned to. A nice quick fix and a timeless classic!

Gran Turrismo 3

The king of car racing returns with a smash! Wanna rip around like a girlie man in a go-kart, well hell "go" somewhere else. Wanna keep it real? Than this is your stop. Phenominal graphics and of course Turrismo's trademark simulator/realistic control return to reclaim their first palce while kicking the competition square in the nuts. Ouch! Tons of different vehicles and modes to play, this game will keep you busy for a hell of a long time (that is until the next sequel comes out).

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

I don't think I have to write a lot about this game, you've probably read enough. If you haven't played it yet, then get off your ass and play it now! Could this be the greatest game ever made? Hell yeah! This game simply rocks and needs to be played by everyone on the planet. With a deep storyline and visual style that any Hollywood director would be envious of. Shit it's probably one of the best directed "movies" I've ever seen and I'm serious. An epic of emotional rollercoster rides. The greatest game ever made. One you will be replay again and again. It is pure perfection.

Phantasy Star Online

Here I go againÖ Wherever there is innovation, there is Sonic Team. From the first North American videogame with Internet abilities (Sonic Adventure - Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Additional Game Downloads, Time Trial Rankings, ect.) to the first online North American videogame (Chu Chu Rocket - Hey, players from N.A. and Japan could also battle each other!). Sonic Team has been there and back again. Let's look back in early 2001 when Peter Moore gave his public announcment that Sega would become a 3rd party software company and would slowly shut down the Dreamcast. I was crushed. I literaly lost it. I mean the Dreamcast every month had a handfull of kick ass titles released. The DC was industructable! That was until Sega's ghosts of the past started to haunt them as debt started to add up and if they didn't want to end up like SNK, well something had to be done now. Today, I'm as giddy as a school girl that SEGA has become the strong 3rd party software developer it is. When Peter Moore finished his announcment on 01/31/2001, the cries of SEGA supporters were heard all throughout the world. Literaly the same day, SEGA delivered a special present to them. Phantasy Star Online, the first worldwide online RPG. It was a Godsend. Players around the world still continue to play this game after a year of its release and the SEGA servers are still packed. A beautifull game. An amazing experience. It's like swimming in a pool of jello with a pair of whipped cream trunks. A materpiece in the history of videogaming and hell it plays good too!

Shenmue 2

If you can import this sucker for your DC, do so. This was the title that was to say thank you and farewell to the faithful DC owners, not a bunch of sports titles. Import it and ignore it on the X-Box. A fantastic sequel to the already classic DC original, Shenmue 2 literaly picks up right after the first game ended. Including a new mapping system, tons of mini-games, expanded fighting engine and a beautiful virtual world, Yu Suzuki again pumps out a solid title.

Sonic Adventure 2

I know the camera sucks and to all of you bitches stinkin' about it, go suck a lama's ass! There that's enough said. Besides that, killer level design, the best looking game to hit the DC period and plus one hell of a soundtrack, SA2 had me lost for hours and hours. Sometimes I even have dreams of Amy and Rouge cat fighting each other but that's another story. A fine goodbye from Sonic to his beloved DC and an excellent celebration game for his 10th anniversary. Yo, Yuji Naka! Keep'em comin' baby!

The Typing of The Dead

Fun! Fun! Fun! Type in a word and cap a zombie in the ass! See a big boss approaching you, type in a word to lay the smackdown! Do you know how ridiculous this game is? Your character runs throughout the game with a DC strapped to his back with a huge battery powering it up. Your weapon in hand, a friggin' keyboard! Once you see this title in action you can't help but laugh like a silly bastard. However when you start playin'Ö You are hooked! Addictive, fast and furious this game will have you at the edge of your seat as wave after wave of zombie fools come attackin' you. Fun? Yes! Horrific? Yes! Eductaional? Hell, Yeah!

- Kelley