The House of The Dead Movie Review

October 11, 2003

I've been playing the Clancy series of games ever since Rainbow Six premired for the PC way, way back in the fall of 1998. It's pretty amazing how technology for gamin' has evolved since then allowing for better graphics and sound but the Clancy's brand of tatical, strategic and action has always remained golden and that's why this player still busts out the PC or DC version of the classics on long overhauls. So to my surprise, this is my first Clancy game review and being a fan of the multiple series' prepare for some lovin'. ;)

One of the best games of all time lands on the Nintendo's 128-bit console in top form with some exclusives you won't find on any other console or home computer. Tom Clancy's adrenline pumped stealth action title won numerous industry awards and has grown into one hell of a series for UbiSoft. We'll take a look at the GC version in this review.

Sam Fisher is member of the NSA's Third Echelon, a super secret organization in responce to the growing need for a major technological security for America. Yes, Sam Fisher is bad ass and so is the story which is pretty straight-forward Clancy. It's techie and it's cool. Exclusive to the GC and PS2 versions are 30 minutes of new, CGI rendered cinematics which set the tone very well for the game and help strengthen the narrative more.

Gameplay controls very well on the GC controler. I was a little concerned of the X-Box to GC controler scheme but it works out very well. No problems at this end at all. Some level structure has changed, some has remained the same resulting in a tad easier gameplay experience compared to it's X-Box cousin. Believe me some of the changes are for the better and some just kinda left me scratching my head a bit. The game is still pretty tough, you'll be restarting a hell of alot. Guards are still relentless in their pursuit. Level design is excellent. It's pretty linear, leaving very little alternative routes to discover. Still it is very impressive and entertaining.

The graphics are very nice. Not as good as the X-Box version (duh) but the game does justice compared to the poor visualy impared PS2 version. Sound is excellent with moody music and great enviromental sound.

What you won't see on any other version is the GBA to GC connectability which is kinda cool. You get to use a OPSAT map of the surrounding area displayed in real-time, allowing you to eye out cameras or bad guys so you can prep for action. Also included is a new weapon the Sticky Bomb, which once placed is remoted detonated with your GBA. These little extra features add a little bit more to the already cool world of Sam Fisher. I gotta give UbiSoft props for not only adding a few exclusives to the Cube version, but in the form of GBA to GC connectablility which is very sweet.

- Kelley