Tyler's Da List

So when Kelley said we should start up a web page about STUFFS the first thing I thought of was that we should both compile our ten best games lists so our loyal readers could get a better sense of where weíre coming from. That didnít happen. Getting it down to ten is tough. Real tough. So I said, "screw it", why waist all that time and effort to get down to ten games? Itís just another way in which the man is trying to keep us down!! Hereís a list IN NO PARTICULARA ORDER of my faves. I will write about them one at a time over a long period of time so eventually you will come to learn why I dig these games so. And, as always, if you disagree or think I missed something, please let me know.

The Mario Series


River City Ransom

Golgo 13



Tony Hawk series

Aki Grapplers

Crazy Taxi

Dead or Alive series

Super Smash Brothers


Mario Kart series

Castlevania series

Half Life

Metal Gear series




Bionic Commando

Phantasy Star Online

Final Fantasy series

Resident Evil series

- Tyler